Kangaroo Island


*Penguin Tours nightly
*Aquarium Fish fed on tour
*On the Kingscote Wharf
(formerly Kangaroo Island Marine Centre)
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Under a Southern Sky

The night skies over Kingscote are often very clear. This makes it relatively easy to spot constellations such as the Southern Cross in the south and Orion and Taurus in the north.

On clear nights, as the weather permits, your guide will give a laser guided talk, pointing out some of the constellations which can be seen this particular night as you make your way to the penguin colony.

Raise your eyes to the sky and look for the Clouds of Magellan, Taurus the Bull or Scorpio, (visible constellations are dependent on the season) and learn to find the south celestial pole which is so important for people in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Southern Stars Talk is included as part of your Penguin Tour. You will find Tour times and prices here.