Kangaroo Island


*Penguin Tours nightly
*Aquarium Fish fed on tour
*On the Kingscote Wharf
(formerly Kangaroo Island Marine Centre)
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The size and shape of the Aquarium tanks allows for very close viewing of the seahorses, giant cuttles, reef fish, invertebrates and SA's popular table fish, the King George Whiting.

If lucky you might experience the colour changes of the Giant Cuttlefish, the mating display of the Big Bellied Seahorse or even the Southern Rock Lobster shedding it's shell as it grows.

Kangaroo Island has an exceptionally diverse range of temperate water fish because of the convergence of currents from the Southern Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the sheltered Gulf waters.

Before taking you to visit the penguin colony, our guide will take you on a guided tour of some of the fish tanks, tell you some of the interesting, unusual and bizarre facts about the creatures, and feed some of them.

The Aquarium tours are included in the Penguin tour, so you can refer to the Penguin Tours page for times and prices.

Australian Giant Cuttlefish Globe Fish Old Wife Ornate Cowfish

Aquarium photos © Susan Flashman